Answering a few FAQ’s that I am often asked about Reiki…

What is Reiki and how is it performed?

Reiki therapy is a gentle touch therapy that involves the placing of my hands (touch is not always necessary) on various locations on my clients body to promote relaxation and a sense of calm, to reduce stress and promote healing.
The Reiki session can either be seated or laying down, fully clothed, with a blanket to keep you warm and cosy.

How is Reiki different from massage?
While massage is more vigorous and manipulates the muscles, Reiki uses only touch. However I do add Reiki to my wellbeing massages, intuitively at the start or during and always at the finish of the massage.

How does Reiki feel?
You may experience the energy in the form of sensations like heat, or even coolness sometimes, there can tingling or pulsing where I have placed my hands, sometimes, people feel sensations moving throughout the body, or see colours, or have the warmth and colours at the same time, no person has exactly the same experiences – my advice, just go with the flow and see how you feel during or after. Some people don’t “feel” anything until maybe later on after their Session. We are after all completely unique.
Each Reiki session can also differ, as Reiki is intuitive and the client may have different needs or have something they wish for me to concentrate on.

What are the Benefits of Reiki Healing?
Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

The list is long to be honest so I have kept it to a minimal…..
Anxiety and stress reduction
Providing relief during emotional upsets and sorrow.
Instilling a greater feeling of relaxation, peace and contentment.
Improving focus and clarity
Healing animals – yes, animals! They definitely benefit from Reiki!

What happens after your first reiki session?
Sometimes the experience of Reiki is dramatic, this can be tears straight away, and the feeling that they need to talk. Yet for other people, may be uneventful, although they feel somehow better afterward. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation.

Receiving Reiki is a wonderfully passive experience. Don’t try to relax, just let the Reiki relax you. Your state will shift quite naturally as the session proceeds. Meanwhile feel free to daydream, enjoy the music, or simply observe your breath or the sensations of the therapy.

What happens after the session?

Please do not expect a diagnosis, as that is not part of Reiki.
My suggestions for after-care: drinking water and following your body’s needs. Although clients typically leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, sometimes they notice feeling more tired in the evening than usual. This is not viewed as an adverse reaction, but rather as the body’s natural healing response, something to be heeded. People commonly report a sense of calm and mental clarity and sleeping well after Reiki.

Are there any contraindications with Reiki?
Reiki is considered safe for all age groups. If you are unsure then please ask me we can talk about any worries or health issues beforehand.

As you can see REIKI is a lovely way to relax and enjoy your “me time” so please do get in contact if you would like to book in!

Reiki is a Complementary Therapy and should not be used in place of any health care or medications that at you are receiving. You will be asked to sign a health form at your first session covering Contraindications and permission to practice Reiki (or any other massage).

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