Whether this be your first or continued Tsuboki Face Massage, it is best to follow aftercare advice for your well-being and to continue to enjoy the benefits of your massage. After a massage appointment it is advisable to go home and relax. This ensures maximum benefit from the treatment. If possible, try to refrain from showering straight after, so that the oils can do their magic for your skin and hair!

Drink plenty of water
Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking for at least 24 hrs
Maintain a healthy diet

Following a massage, you may experience a number of symptoms or side effects. These differ from person to person and are allpositive signs of the body bringing itself back into balance.

Symptoms may include:

Needing to sleep or rest
Feeling emotional
Increased Urination
Temporary Flu-Like Symptoms


Relaxes tense muscles
Calms the mind
Improves concentration
Improves energy levels
Improves blood circulation
Improves lymph circulation
Cleanses and detoxifies the body
Pain relief
A lifting of your mood and a general feeling of wellbeing
Strengthens the immune system

Are there any further benefits to Tsuboki Face Massage?

Tsuboki is great for stress management, giving a feeling of inner peace and calm as well as having the great rejuvenating effects associated with massage of the facial muscles and stimulation of collagen and elastin within the connective tissue.

Tsuboki can help to promote well-being and the removal of metabolic waste products, which affect muscle tone and general appearance of the skin and positively affect the balance of health in the whole body.

Following a relaxing massage of the face and neck, acupressure or Tsubo points along the Meridians (energy lines) are gently pressed and stimulated. This treatment seems to have the dual effects of deep relaxation and yet a feeling of alertness soon afterwards.

If you have any further question please do not hesitate to talk to me, if you would like to have longer to talk about any concerns you have or any other aspect of your well being then please do mention at the time of booking!

Please note that the Meridian massage is not suitable for women who are pregnant and face massage is not suitable for anyone who has had recent Botox or similar procedures.

Over the next 12 hours, if any of the following apply please try and avoid as it is not advised to:
Drinking alcohol  – please try to avoid for 12 hours and immediately after a treatment
Use of a sun bed or exposing your skin to ultraviolet light – please avoid, following the use of Essential Oils.

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