Indian head massage is so much more than a back massage or head massage, anyone that has experienced this will agree!

This Ayurvedic treatment dates back in India over 4,000 thousand years ago.   Massage has a long-standing history in Indian cultures with traditions and techniques being passed down through family members. It is very common for them to give and receive daily head massages you can read more here which is about Indian Head Massage and my exisiting qualification, which follows that of Nerendra Mehta.

Traditionally the massage is given in a seated position; however, recently I have been asked if it’s possible to have IHM lying down on the massage bed so, I decided that this would be a great alternative for those that wish to lay back and relax even more so!
I have trained in this wonderful relaxing treatment, so that you are laying down comfortably as you would for a back massage. Indian head massage techniques are then used.

Just one part of being a Holistic Therapist is to encourage you to relax, to feel safe and comfortable…this starts with our consultation prior to any treatment, to reduce stress on the body and mind, relaxation is a must!

You are invited to come 15 minutes beforehand and generally a chat ensues after…this is part of your treatment and therefore I do not charge for that, I want you to have the whole experience of relaxing and feeling good and not feel rushed! Please allow yourself at least 1.5 hours with me, so that neither of us are feeling rushed or pressured!

The “TREAT”ment will take place in a warm and relaxing environment.  Following consultation session which includes questions about your medical history, general health, lifestyle and sleep patterns.

After your session you may feel slightly dizzy.  Indian head massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / system hydrated.   You will be offered a glass or two of water or a lovely warm Tisane in the colder weather whilst you are relaxing here with me, there is never any rush to leave the room and I am always aware that you  need this time to sit and some start feeling the benefits straight away! It is important to the rest of your day as much as anything to take time…

How is the Lying Down method different to Seated?

Your back will be warmed up with rhythmic sweeping strokes. Then, with deeper pressure, but always to your comfort level, the muscles are stretched out on either side of your spine, up and across your shoulders, down into your arms, and along your neck. This will help to loosen any areas of tightness and tension, reducing aches and pains.

Your massage will continue from your neck up into your scalp. Eventually, you will be asked to turn over so that your scalp massage can continue to the front of your head before moving down to your face. Scalp and facial massage can be incredibly relaxing and calming, slowing down minds full of whirling thoughts. Tightness and tension along the forehead, cheeks and jaw can be eased which can help with teeth grinding or clenching and headaches. 

However I have also taken into account that some people may not be able to turn over very easily from back to front, so this means that we will start face up and work on the the shoulders, arms, neck, which will be massaged thoroughly still working on tension and helping to calm your mind.  I will also give more time to the scalp and a gentle face massage.

At the time of your consultation we can discuss areas that you feel need more attention as this is your time to benefit from this massage and I am happy to adapt the massage to you.

Alternatively why not try Indian Head Massage as a combination massage, for example:

30 minute of each:
Couch Indian Head Massage & Tsuboki Face Massage
Couch Indian Head Massage & Hopi Ear Cones
Couch Indian Head Massage & Foot/Leg/Arm/Hand massage

If you decide to have the Lying Down (couch) IHM as a Combination Massage, you do not have to worry about moving around on the table and it also makes the transition from Head to Face much easier than moving from the chair to the massage bed as we have being doing.
Whether you are seated or lying down, you will benefit from the Indian Head Massage regardless

Indian head massage can be very calming or quite energising

This treatment benefits areas where there can be a build-up of high levels of stress and tension. This massage can have both an uplifting and relaxing effect on the nervous system. Indian head massage can be particularly effective if you suffer from headaches, migraines or sinusitus.

Physical benefits are also far reaching with this massage if it is had regularly you will feel maybe some or all of these over time and some straight away:

General and specific relaxation for muscles, providing immediate relief.

Increase Oxygen uptake

Improved circulation of the blood in previously congested muscles, providing extra oxygen for the brain.

Restoration of joint movement and mobility

Promotion of hair growth

Helps with eye-strain, eye-ache, sinusitis, neck and should stiffness, insomnia.

Relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness

Relaxation for the whole person.

Mental Benefits

A sense of calmness

A release of anxiety

Increased levels of alertness and concentration

Clearer thinking

Helps in dissipating mental fatigue, edginess, depression, stress.

Subtle Benefits

Balancing of Chakra energy

Release of stagnant energy

General energetic healing.

Other Benefits include:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • uplifting
  • aids postural problems
  • improves hair and scalp conditions
  • increases vascular/lymphatic circulation
  • releases endorphins
  • restores energy to the body
  • activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping the body relax naturally
  • decreases the sympathetic nervous system response, which activates our “fight or flight” reactions

    The Indian Head Massage has been aimed to stimulate the body’s natural healing process by:
  • Removing tension in the head, neck, shoulders and back.
  • Stimulating the blood flow throughout the body
  • Restoring the balance between the mind,  body and spirit.

If you would like a Deep Scalp Massage this massage will be performed in a face-down position, it combines methods from Indian Head Massage & Hawaiian lomilomi massage. It is a grounding, relaxing, easing tension, stress, can help relieve anxiety & improves the mood! This treatment can also added to the IHM or any other wellbeing massage.

As with all my Wellbeing Massages I offer Reiki to end of your session, as it is traditionally practiced in Indian Head Massage where the three higher chakras *energy centres* of the body – Crown of the head, the brow and throat are nurtured to help bring a greater balance within.  

AFTERCARE ADVICEyou can aid your body over the next 24-48 hours by:

  • going home to relax. This ensures maximum benefit from the treatment.
  • Drink plenty of water/herbal tisanes/teas
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Eat light meals
  • Listen to your body rest if you feel tired
  • Take a walk if you feel an energy boost but do not over exert yourself as the body is still working internally to clear toxins and waste products.

Following Indian Head Massage, you may experience a number of symptoms or side effects. These differ from person to person and are all positive signs of the body bringing itself back into balance, these may include:

  • Needing to sleep or rest
  • Headache
  • Feeling emotional
  • Increased Urination and/or bowel movements
  • Temporary Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Runny nose
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Deeper Sleeping

All side effects are temporary and will be over within a few days.

For a list of contra-indications please go here as always if you have any questions or would like to book in, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can start you “me time” and book your treatment hour or more.

I have taken a fully accredited course to learn more about Laying down method, I already incorporate head massages, within my other Massage Treatments but I always think it’s good to follow the guidance of a Qualified Training Instructor and to learn new ways of helping my clients to completely bliss out!

La finalité de mon activité est uniquement le bien-être de la personne. Conformément à la législation en vigueur, les massages bien-être que je pratique en l’absence de diagnostic et de traitement thérapeutique, ne s’apparentent en rien, ni dans les contenus ni dans les objectifs, à la pratique de la masso-kinésithérapie, ainsi qu’à toute pratique médicale ou thérapeutique. Il s’agit de techniques manuelles de bien-être et de relaxation uniquement.

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