Hi there, thank you for popping by to view my website, you have landed on my home page and here I hope to introduce myself to you and share a little bit about me and of holistic journey with you.

My journey into Holistic therapies started in the UK, I qualified as a Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner in 2002 & 2003, I also learned about Crystal Healing and qualified as an Indian Head Massage Therapist following my enjoyment and love of Reiki.

We relocated to France in 2004 but sadly there was no SIRET number for Holistic Therapies, even following the 3 day course in Limoges, could shed no light upon “such a thing” so I carried on treating friends and family and over the years to come I carved out time so learn more about Holistic Wellbeing Massage Therapies, whilst working other jobs and enjoying our daughters growing up here in rural France.

Holistically Yours was born in 2018, when I qualified as a Holistic Nutrionist plus Nutrition for 50+ and Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition. I am also a Sleep Pracitioner, this has really helped my clients over the years. At this stage I studied Indian Head Massage further as it was a more in depth course. Added to that I spoke to Lisa who is my Reiki Master and we decided that it would be good just to “top up” my Reiki 1&2 maybe one day I will continue to Reiki 3 😉

I have over the last five years added more Massage Therapies and delighted to add further additions to my Massage Menu. You can read about the Modalities here each massage is explained and the benefits that are gained from each one.

In that year my friend, Marie who had also qualified as a Reflexoligist, and I decided we would team up and offer the best of both worlds, and Top to Toe began. We still work together and love what we do. We are available for many events and ladies days.

On Massages, Kind words from my clients are the best way to describe what I do – “relaxing” “rejuvanating” “slept like a log” and so many more!

Leaving your stresses and worries in a bag in the corner of the TREATment room as you leave, is the best thing for you as I do love a Sage Cleanse 😉

I really love adminstering these masages and feel so much happiness at the end of a treatment…it’s very fulfilling and feels totally right! I am passionate about sharing Holistic Massage Therapy as Self-Care is important and it all starts with making sure your body is in balance with itself, I love all aspects of my work as I know the benefits those that have come to me.

The body is amazing – and we do need to learn to treat ourselves with love, compassion and understanding – sometimes it is just changing a few habits and then we can begin to work on self love & self care these positive adjustments stop us berating ourselves and living in the negative frame of mind of self loathing and self hatred. Putting a few practices of learning how to relax, de-stress and eat properly, by making these a daily or weekly ritual, starting with you and your self we can help you on your way to a happier, healthier YOU!

Your “me time” in The Treatment Room is for you, it is your chance to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance.

A Few things about me….

I enjoy walking, especially with my husband, cycling in our countryside, again with my husband – random chats and getting lost our really something we are quite excellent at. I also LOVE swimming – not with anyone though – this is the time I love to cut off from everything and just clear my head and count strokes and kicks. If I could go every day – I really, absolutely would!

I also wear another hat, as a Photographer this passion has become my work also, for many years here. With our countryside, coast and beautiful architecture it’s hard not to want to photograph everything, hence the Unique Photocards you may spot when leaving your shoes and worries at the TREATment Room door.

I love Nature, the Moon, Sunrises and Sunsets, the Sea and Rivers, Good Food, Tisanes & Tea, Essential Oils & their Benefits, Self-care including skin care and Sleep. Crystals, Exploring our Country and much more – all these things are covered within the Holistically Yours Section.

You will find my website shares my love of all things massage, nutrition and wellbeing, I hope you enjoy browsing and if I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Please use the buttons below to navigate to my Wellbeing Massage for more information with regards to all the modalities I offer currently.