The loyalty card has been introduced so that my clients can enjoy a free massage of choice, depending on how many TREATments you have.

You have the opportunity to enjoy at least FOUR FREE massages over the year, from a classique to the Super Combination….

15th Visit is a Wellbeing Facial Massage or a Tsuboki Face Massage with Rollers and a Bain de Main

At the 20th Visit you will be given a new card so that you can start again and look forward to your further Free Massage Treatments.

If you book now you will also profit from my Super Spring Savings

Don’t forget to bring your card to each TREATment and book ahead and look forward for your next Free massage therapies.

If you have had a TREATment this year, prior to the introduction of the Loyalty Card, these will be included on your new card.

I look forward to TREATing you soon!

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