Contra-indications  for Hopi Ear Candling Therapy

Hopi ear Candling cannot be carried out on the following:

• Recent ear surgery, head or neck injury

• Tumours of the ear

• Grommets

• Perforated ear drum, artificial ear drums

• Cysts in the ear

• Ear drains (tubes) are present

• Mastoiditis (inflammation of the bone behind the ear)

It’s not advisable where there is:

• Any kind of infection or irritation, High temperature, fever, swelling or inflammation and Flu

• Severe bruising, any skin disorders in the areas to be massaged or recent injury or accident or surgery to the head.

• Previous allergic reactions

• High or low blood pressure or Diabetes

• Cancer –if in remission or nothing else can be done

• If oil has been used in the ears

• If under medical supervision

The client is under the care of a medical practitioner and is receiving treatments/medication for any of the above ailments, special conditions or other illnesses/issues not listed then written consent from the medical practitioner must be supplied. If in doubt about a condition,  please consult your Doctor/GP before proceeding with a treatment and you can also request a letter of consent from him/her.
Please Note – I can anyone under 16 with an adult present, or written consent may also be given.

After the treatment, the body will begin to rid itself of unwanted waste products such as toxins. This is the body’s natural reaction to the treatment and is a vital part of the detoxification process to restore balance.  Because of this you might experience some temporary side effects, particularly following the first treatment, which could comprise of the following:
Flu like symptoms i.e. runny nose, headache.
Increased urination and/or bowel movements.

All massage therapy is completely safe and complementary, but it must not replace with any medical treatment. Regular massage can give the body and mind a great feeling of well being.

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