Now you have had your first Facial, It is important to read and try to follow the After Care advice that follow, this will help maintain your Glow! The immediate effect of your facial will typically be visible from three to five days, and there’s doubt that we want that glow to stay for a longer period of time! 

Holistically Yours Spa Facial After Care

Spa facials are really beneficial for your skin. They help in removing impurities and because of facial massage, they leave your skin refreshed and restored. But after-facial care is equally important so that the time and money you invest on this treatment does not go waste.

The immediate effect of your facial will typically be visible from three to five days, and there’s doubt that we want that glow to stay for a longer period of time! 
Following is some advice that  should  be kept in mind, so that the glow stays for a longer period of time.

What’s best for your skin  after having a facial:

Wash your pillowcases and Towels:
When you decide on getting a facial treatment, everything that comes in contact with your face should be thoroughly cleaned including your pillow cases as this will keep bacteria from coming in contact with your skin.

Be Gentle:
Following deep cleansing, extractions, and exfoliation, your skin may be a bit sensitive after a facial. For that reason, it’s important to stick to gentle cleansers (and you might want to skip the toners for a few days, too). After a deep cleaning, harsh skincare products are unnecessary, not to mention, they can likely exacerbate any minor irritation. Furthermore, when washing your face in the days following a facial you should use lukewarm water and pat dry.

If your facial includes exfoliation, remember that means the layer of dead skin cells is being removed from the surface of your skin — and along with it, the natural oils that usually protect your skin. So, in addition to hydrating your skin by drinking plenty of water after your facial, you should also use a gentle moisturizer to replenish and lock in that moisture.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated:
Even though a lot of moisture has been added to your skin, you need to maintain it by drinking enough water for the next 2-3 days.

What you should try and avoid directly after having a Facial Treatment:

Stay out of the sun:
Do not expose your skin directly to the sun for at least a week after the facial as this can irritate the skin. When you go for your treatment, it would be beneficial to wear a hat to avoid exposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen for the next few days at least after your facial.

Skip active ingredients for 48 hours:
Put simply, the top thing that we need to do is avoid active ingredients like alpha hydroxyl acids and retinol etc.

Avoid  a Workout the same day:
No, don’t exercise after a facial as sweating can irritate your skin and undo the impact of the products used.

Avoid taking a hot shower or use a sauna:
You may wash your face the next morning, but try to avoid washing your face the same day after you get a facial. The best facials need to soak into your skin.

Getting a face wax:
Do not go for waxing after a facial, if any such treatments are due that should be done before hand.

Touching your face:
Your skin may feel amazing, but do not try to touch it and let the skincare products used do their wonders.

Picking at Your Skin:
While refraining from picking at your skin is essentially skincare 101, never is this more important than in the days immediately following your facial. If you’ve ever had a facial, then you know what happens within the next two to three days. Your skin will begin to purge. As your skin expedites its recovery, it pushes everything to the surface, and the end result is a healthy mix of whiteheads, pimples, and even blackheads. While it can be a bit maddening, rest assured that it’s a good sign.
The important thing to remember is that under no circumstances should you pick at your face after a facial. Doing so can lead to further irritation and even scarring. 

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