This month until end of January 2022 I have reduced ALL my Treatment prices, for TWO reasons,
Firstly, I know it has been so hard on everyone over the last (nearly) two years and many people I have spoken to are in “burn out mode” before we even hit Silly Season and many are suffering with various problems but are finding it hard to justify their “Me Time” as we know, self care is so very important, especially now more so than ever! Also I am finding that some have almost got used to not going out and enjoying their time in the Treatment Room and I would love to see these faces return by helping reduce the cost of “self care”.

And secondly I am celebrating my 3rd year as Holistically Yours this month! I have had the best time Treating my lovely regulars, meeting new clients and making friendships over the years! I have taken myself well out of my comfort zone with new course but I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge and love of Holistic Massage Therapies.

I decided at the start of the month to make these Treatments part of my “Birthday Celebration” I already offer a course of Treatments at a reduced rate but this way, it benefits those that cannot afford to maybe pay for all 4 treatments at the same time.

It is also a great way to decide which Treatments work best at the time for you, by trying each massage over the months, some of my regular clients have fallen in love with one treatment to have each time but then they also know they enjoy maybe a full body massage once every 6 weeks or so.

Please contact me if you would like to book or discuss treatments further.

Holistically Yours – TARIFF

1st NOVEMBER 2021 – JANUARY 31st 2022

These treatments are generally an hour

Tsuboki Face Massage – 30€

Indian Head Massage (lying or seated) – 20€

Hopi Ear Cones – 20€

Relaxing Full Body Massage – 45€

book a course of 4 at 35€ per session

Reiki 15€

Book a Course of 4 of any Treatment for a Surprise Treament (of your choice) to be added to one of your Booked Treatments.

Combination Massages These Treatments are generally 1 hour 30

Tsuboki Face Massage & relaxing foot massage – 40€

Relaxing Foot Massage & Back/ Shoulders – 35€

IHM (lying down) & relaxing Foot Massage – 35€

IHM (lying down) & Tsuboki Face Massage – 40€

Hopi Ear Cones & Foot or Back massage 40€

Hopi & IHM (lying down) – 30€

Hopi Ear Cones & a Relaxing full body massage 50€

Book a course of four of any combination massage before 31st January ’22 and a receive a further reduction of 15% on the total price.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the last THREE years, and those that have been patient case studies and of course to those that continue to be! I love sharing these treatments and I hope you can find a little time to come and have your well deserved TREATment time.

*Please note that Hope Ear Cone Treatment includes a 15 minute face massage & can combine perfectly with Tsuboki Face Massage for a longer, deeper treatment.*

if you would like a combination massage not shown in the list above please contact me and we can certainly arrange something just for you!

*Prices are current until 31st January 2022 and do not include any of my special offers on any single  Treatments – any Gift Voucher purchased for above Treatment/s at these prices will have a 3 month date. //79129 Lezay//P. // Facebook: Holistically79
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