As we know stress and worry can affect anyone, any age, any gender, it can be mild or overtake a person’s life…. For some there seems to be no way of coping or dealing with it and for others they seem to carry on as if nothing fazes them and they can deal with everything!

I am writing from experience, as a mother, wife and sometimes worry wort! I am not a counselor by any means and I hope that by reading it will give you an insight into not only the start of why I wanted to learn more about Holistic Healing but also a little bit more about why Complementary Therapies can be part of a weekly/monthly routine.

Our youngest daughter has always been prone to stress, I could see it when she was younger over certain things, our eldest would have moments of stress as well she just dealt with them differently! For them it would come out in arguments or tears, and all would end with hugs, a warm drink and a long chat after. Youngest would get anxious over what we probably thought quite insignificant details and they would suddenly become her whole world, again it would end in hugs and a chat, once we got to the bottom of the issue, which could sometimes take days but little by little we were able to break it down until it would all come out!

I used to find that sitting talking and holding their hand or stroking their heads would often help – maybe it’s just the feeling of having that hand on you that shows someone cares about you that helps ease the worries. It was also another reason I wanted to practice Reiki as when looking into it – sitting at the library reading up on it, this was obviously just a teeny bit B.C (before computers!) and on reading felt that it could be of benefit to the girls and of course Mr S with his particularly stressful work life but of course it took a while to get “around to it” and when I did finally I was so pleased! Indian Head Massage was similar reaction – this was something I could do to help my family in one way or another!

I am in no way saying that this is a quick fix for “stress and worry” that many people have issues with; no problem fits all, as no solution fits all but I do think it can definitely help begin to fixing areas of stress and worry, due to learning how to relax and beginning to take care of yourself as a person – It’s not easy – time factors don’t always allow the “luxury” of taking time out/off but this is not about indulging oneself this is taking time to indulge your mind, body and soul which ALL represent your well being in the long run.

I used to think I was quite a “non-stressy” person until I met Mr S and he is so laid back he may well be horizontal so then I realised I do now worry over the smallest things, did I say the wrong thing to that person? Am I doing enough as a Wife and Mother, daughter etc….all those seemingly “little things” can end up on a daily basis and you feel exhausted!

In the pool the other week I spent the whole hour swimming up and down worrying I had left the car unlocked – this led to a “stress swim” I just couldn’t get the rhythm at all but what could I have done anyway? I was in the pool but it took me the swim to realise this – and of course breathe a big sigh of relief when I knew the car had been locked, all along! This doesn’t happen much, and they are probably silly thoughts popping in as I do have a routine and most likely I am used to it now that locking the car is just part of it.

Which leads me to my stress release which is mainly exercise that I enjoy, these days is either a good walk or cycle but they are I am afraid good weather activities for me, I don’t do soggy walks or cycles unless I can help it!

I love Zumba, the music helps as does much laughing! Really though, a good swim is all I need, swimming releases the same endorphins ‘feel good hormones’ that help reduce negative feelings and improve your mood. At the same time cortisol levels are reduced ‘stress hormones’ which has been linked to depression and anxiety.IF I focus at the start then no thoughts randomly enter my head and I am getting better at knocking them out of the water if they do! Sometimes I can solve a problem after a good swim easily as I have so much more energy and feel good that I have completed those 100+ lengths

There are many benefits to swimming but maybe they don’t all spring to mind. By taking part in a physical activity is good for our bodies but these same activities, including swimming, are equally good for both physical and mental health. Also studies show that by increasing activity levels from nothing to three times a week can reduce depression by up to thirty percent, you will certainly feel better both on the inside and outside!

My Mum’s philosophy is a problem shared is a problem halved and I totally agree with her – it works and sometimes you find that you feel so much better just for voicing a thought, that it doesn’t manifest and grow larger therefore stressing about how to solve the problem. People find that sometimes before and after a session of IHM or Reiki they just want to talk….it’s probably the emotional release after a session that’s clear but also there is just that peace, calm and feeling of wanting to feel lighter in the mind.

However we deal with stress in life there are fundamentals we can put in place and again we did with the youngest – talk about it, don’t focus on it, deep breathing, relaxing the mind (these days it’s meditation isn’t it?!) and go do something to work it off and out – so go running, swimming, dancing, exercise class this won’t solve the issues that can be deep rooted, I know that but it will have helped in the fact of those important endorphins being released into your system.

Food & Mood is also a huge consideration – fill up on sugar and non-essential carbs and your mood will not be enhanced as we might think it would, after that initial sugar high – we have the slump – eating good food for your mood will certainly help focus rather than end up with brain fog thanks to an overload of indecent amounts of chocolate & wine – because you needed to!

I think we will all ultimately stress and worry over things, large and small it’s inevitable but it’s just how we deal with them, Daughter has got better as she’s got older – she is learning how to cope and works with breathing exercises and is starting to learn about meditation which I hope she will put into good practice, having some time out for herself to put on a relaxing face mask even works! Eldest goes for long dog walks that’s her way of relaxing!

Mr S plays the piano (which I then benefit from as well!) he finds music in all forms helps to relax, sort through his problems and worries. Or I drag him to the pool, we go for lovely bike rides and walks – it helps to talk things through as well, just not in the pool – no talking then!

These are all elements of Self-Care that we start to do and then they drift to the wayside as our lives go on. Obviously I am going to suggest a form of Complementary Therapy as well because I know how well it works, I am seeing the results with clients watching them learn to cope using the breathing exercises, taking time to chill before going to sleep, as that’s important to!

Indian Head Massage works so well for stress because it is working on all the stress points where the problems are held in! And anyone that you talk to will say they hold their stress in their shoulders and neck and have headaches when really tense and worried.

Anything that releases tension is a good thing – before you get to the tears, migraines, bad neck, feeling unwell – think about how sitting in a chair without a care or worry in the world feels, good I am assured!! Reiki will also help you – as this also helps balance your chakras and when they are all whirling around properly we feel better!

I really hope that by taking some time out with me with either an Indian Head Massage or Reiki, you begin to feel better during and after the treatments and can start to feel clearer and focus on the important factors in life. After all this starts with looking after you and you are important!

*Disclaimer…Holistic Wellbeing Massages are Complementary and should not replace medication from your healthcare provider.

Reiki can be administered to all age groups, pregnant ladies and those with health issues or indeed without health issues!

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