As we are all aware, the wearing of masks is mandatory in public places from the 20th July.

I have been following this protocol since our confinement was lifted and I will continue to follow this protocol. I will ask all my clients visiting my Treatment room to wear their masks and we will work a way around that is conducive to a relaxing IHM…Nothing has changed in this but I just wanted to share and to remind you all, we must all be responsible and respect each other.

  • If you have travelled out of France and returned from a holiday visiting family elsewhere or not able to quarantine, please leave at least 14 days before booking.
  • I will treating one person per afternoonarriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment time is fine.
  • If you are unwell prior to your appointment (including on the day) please cancel, we can rebook…
  • *If you have travelled within Europe or have arrived back from the UK or any other country recently, please let me know, as I request you wait at least 14 days before booking.*
  • If you are here in France on holiday, and will be here for over the 14 days then please feel you can contact me to arrange a rendevous.
  • This also applies to our T2T venue days.

I have to take this seriously as I have vunerable family members and other clients that have to be taken into consideration.

Prices start at 25€00 per session..
2 X IHM = 45€
3 x IHM = 70€
4 X IHM = 90€

If you book a course of four treatments you will receive your fifth treatment absolutely free….

**if you have a gift voucher given this year, I will honour it until the end of the year! But please feel free to use it anytime from now**

I leave you with the following information guide:

I really look forward to seeing you again soon!

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