Many of us are stressed especially at this particular time, we all deal with stress in varying ways but 9/10 sleep will evade us! And right now sleep is probably the most important thing you do need!

Most of my lovely clients say the have a much better night’s sleep after and Indian Head Massage or indeed the latest massage that I am currently in the middle of learning!

In addition to other practises that we may have discussed here at Chez HY – Deep Breathing, Stretches before getting into bed, cutting out ALL caffeine at least 7 hours before going to bed – this includes HOT Chocolate, Chocolate, Tea and of course Coffee!

If you are having trouble sleeping and reach for the brandy, wine etc..this won’t help either It’s important to stop drinking at least 4 hours before bed to prevent sleep disruption! According to the findings, alcohol does allow healthy people to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply for a while, but it reduces REM sleep!

Keep writing your sleep diary if you have one on the go – we can still discuss!

IF you do finally get to sleep and then wake up in the night – go for a wee, then go back to bed if you are still restless and really cannot switch back to sleep mode having completely relaxed, done your deep breathing etc.. then read – there is nothing wrong with reading it could help relax your mind again – DO NOT SWITCH ON ANYTHING THAT HAS A SCREEN have a drink of water but try not to get up out of bed – there are some that say it’s fine to go and make a cup of tea and sit in the lounge drinking it – but then there are other schools of thought that say by staying in bed your body is resting even if you mind is alert!

And importantly do NOT stress about not sleeping – if you are tired and you are in bed then you are resting and that is important – if you do fall asleep you may not realise that you have had a REM sleep.

If you have a diffuser in your house then maybe switch it on about 15 minutes before going to bed and then it is going for 15 minutes once you are in bed (thirty minutes is the suggested time for diffusers to run!)

Try a pillow spray or indeed sprinkle your pillow and bedding with just lavender oil….I can help with this, even if you just would like ideas of Essential Oils that aid sleep..

If I wake up and go for a wee I have no idea what the time is as we have switched off the light on the clock since doing that I don’t worry about time and how many hours I have had of sleep! We are going to bed later at the moment and sleeping probably because we are not thinking about work the following day, or waiting for the alarm to go off!

There maybe something in the listbelow, that you haven’t tried as yet….if you do try something listed then please let me know!

Be Mindful. Shortly before bedtime, try a relaxation strategy that incorporates mindfulness, such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation, all of which boost sleep time and quality.

Skip Screens. The blue light emitted by digital devices—including TVs, phones, laptops, and tablets—can throw off your body’s internal clock, so avoid them before bedtime. Finding a tech-free way to wind down can help soothe stress.

Sip Chamomile Tea. This herb can help lower anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep.

Take a Hot Bath or Shower. A pre-bedtime soak is relaxing. Plus, going from warm water into a cooler bedroom will cause your body temperature to drop, naturally making you feel sleepy.

Do Some Leg Work. While exercising right before bed can sometimes keep you awake, gentle leg exercises are unlikely to negatively affect your sleep. Moves like leg lifts and squats help bring flood flow down to your legs; interestingly, this can have a soothing effect and make it easier to drift off.

Count Sheep. It might sound a little silly, but this actually works. The reason? Keeping your brain focused on one thing helps you power down. If counting sheep isn’t for you, try focusing on your breathing, consciously taking deep breaths in and out, until you feel calmer.

Picture Yourself Asleep. By envisioning yourself in a peaceful sleep, you’ll instantly put yourself in a state of relaxation. For extra calm, clench and release your muscles, starting with your face and working down to your feet.

Work Out Early. Exercise is a great stress reliever and has been shown to improve the quality of sleep, particularly for insomniacs. But make sure your more intense workouts aren’t too close to bedtime. If you find that your treadmill runs are keeping you awake at night, hit the gym at least three hours before you turn in.

Worry Earlier in the Day. When your mind is racing with concerns while you’re trying to fall asleep, that can make it nearly impossible to drift off. Instead, dedicate 15 minutes during the day to process these thoughts. Writing a to-do list or thinking about solutions can be a healthy way to deal with stress and prevent it from interfering with sleep later.

I hope that you find something that can help here! BUT if you just want to have a chat with me about your sleep and stress then just drop me a message and we can work out a time to have a proper chat as we would here in the treatment room… If you are reading this and not a client the same applies!

If you would like any further information with regards to breathing exercises or pre-sleep exercises, please let me know and I will post on the page!

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