I have been catching up with one of my lovely clients today, a busy mum of three.
Their usual routine is obviously out of the window and now we have the Easter Holidays here, the homeschooling routine has also made a change!

In all of this though, I have suggested she still takes time out for herself that lovely word #selfcare it is important, it is necessary and it is for her wellbeing!

As she is busy during the day I have proposed that she follows a routine that starts during the evening…at least an hour before heading to bed to try and follow some of these ideas…

Every evening before bed:
Go to your bedroom make it cosy, plump up pillows, spray a sleep spray or sprinkle lavender oil on pillows…leave a little lamp on… (this way when they go to bed it will of course look inviting and feel cosy (even in Summer!) if you have curtains close them with the window open and you will have that sense of the wind billowing into your room….also have a cool and well ventilated room to sleep in helps relaxation, especially at the moment with the Nightingale singing away all night long!

I also turn the diffuser on at this point so it gives it chance to make the room smell nice, I love the Relaxing Blend that is also used to scent The Eye Pillows.

Turn off all devices, do not be tempted to have a quick look before you go to bed….instead, go to bathroom and take 5 – 10 minutes to cleanse and moisturize face, hands etc. Enjoy this moment – try out that cleanser you got for Christmas or enjoy that moisturiser that you have been saving! Now is the time to enjoy these pleasures!

Brush hair gently, don’t rush it…if you have a hair spritz or a hair oil then use it so it can do it’s magic on your hair overnight….other than that if your pillow spray is alcohol free use that on your hair and PJ’s…

Write a journal, {or write your day in brief if preferred} you can also note your sleep patterns in this journal.

When you have completed your journal, end by writing down in this order, your worries, your plans for the next day, your hopes, and importantly what you are grateful for…

So you have done all the above – now it’s time to start heading to bed? At this point if you are not really feeling sleepy and feel tempted to check your phone – DO NOT do it instead head to your bedroom and try out some gentle pre bed Stretching….this will really help!

If you are still feeling restless then pick up that book – reading is very good for helping us to relax or listen to the radio – put some calming music on..

If you are a very light sleeper then try an eye mask and/or ear buds…this can also help!

Finally GO to bed with Positive Intention – expect to have a good night’s sleep….

If you are looking at investing in lighting – then a Himalayan salt lamp is perfect it has a lovely soft glow but is also said to be good for you!

Other ideas for face cleansers are:
Rose water
Orange Flower Water
Witch Hazel (great for sunburn!)

DO Keep your water levels up during the day and try and replace glasses of water or homemade “iced tea” using tisanes as a base, during the afternoon instead of coffee or tea.

DO Eat more fruit and leafy green veggies – frozen are just as good for you and don’t waste quite so easily!

DO Avoid heavy meals before bed.

DO Try to aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day.

DO avoid napping during the day, keep your brain busy with puzzles, crosswords etc. Take that opportunity for your 30 minutes of exercise or phone a friend!
The more you sleep during the day the less likely you will have a good, restful REM sleep at night, if you really must nap then make it just 20 minutes – set an alarm!

DO start with a least 2 of the above ideas and adding to them over the week, a routine will start to become just that, a pleasureable one that you start looking forward to each evening!
Rome wasn’t built in a day and as most of us are habitiual it soon becomes easy…there is no pressure to do all of them obviously but by starting with the ones you know are easy to get you going then that is the important thing!


If you are wanting further ideas to help encourage sleep, then please look here

PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any help or guidance…it’s what I am here for!

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