Selenite has been a top favourite for many crystal lovers dating back to the Ancient Greeks who named the translucent crystal Selenite which means “moon” in Greek. They even constructed windows out of Selenite to allow light into darker rooms.

Selenite is a popular crystal when it comes to cleansing and clearing the home or office space. It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus and creates calm in any space.

Top benefits of Selenite:

  • Cleanses and purifies its’ environment
  • Clears negative energy
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals
  • Self-cleansing
  • Its’ calming properties makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work
  • Enhances team spirit in groups and organisations
  • Perfect crystal for gridding the home or property
  • Calms nightmares
  • Good for memory
  • Aids physical balance
Cleansing and recharging your crystals

Selenite is self-cleansing, this makes it the only crystal that can actually cleanse and recharge the other crystals in your collection. To do this, simply place your crystals on a selenite dish or selenite bowl, and leave them to recharge for 24 hours and it will get to work humming its healing vibrations their way.

Selenite is a strong and powerful stone with high vibrations but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little extra charging sometimes too. Moonlight works wonders at charging Selenite so feel free to leave it in the light of the full moon from time to time. Another way to quickly charge Selenite if you don’t want to wait for the lunar cycle is to light a white candle.

Calming your emotions

Finally, use selenite to assist with calming your emotions during times of stress and anxiety. Selenite can be a wonderful tool to assist with relaxation. Try holding a piece of selenite or having a selenite lamp nearby during your meditation practice. This calming crystal is thought to have a soothing effect on our emotional state.

Zodiac Birthstone
  • The zodiac sign for Taurus 

Selenite is a sublime match for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus are one of the earthlier signs in the sky and are known for their stoic behavior, their practical approach, and also their utter stubbornness at times. This is where Taureans could do with a little more lift and Selenite is the crystal to help them grow wings. With its remarkably peaceful nature and its dash of dreamy feminine energy, Selenite helps Taureans to balance out all that weighty masculine energy. Selenite brings peace to a rampant heart without cutting away from the Taureans sense of luxury, play, and creative awakening.

A deeply healing stone, Selenite is a gem you want bringing its energy to your threshold. This shimmering moon bright stone is ever ready to bring a sense of harmony to your home. It is filled with the energy of intention and ever ready to fend off positive sapping energy. By placing Selenite in your hallway you are helping to prevent toxic energy from even entering your home, committing instead to keeping the space soft and light and soaked in pure white light.

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