I know so many of us love to walk in the sand, on the beach or better still paddling in the sea and feeling the sand and sea covering our feet.  It feels wonderful doesn’t it?
I find I have a lovely sensation starting in my toes and working up through my body it is “tingly” and really rather calming and relaxing.  I can feel my breathing even out and everything just starts feeling better!
I can feel the energy within and embrace this wonderful way of being within nature.  Well, the last time I had the pleasure of doing that was last Summer on a trip to Ilê de Ré for our Wedding Anniversary, the bikes and us went and paddled and pushing our feet into the cool sand after a rather warm ride from one end of the island to another and a few “unexpected happenings on the way” the feel of that sand and warm sea on the feet was total bliss.

The good news for those of us that are not near the beautiful coastline, we can still have exactly the same benefits from our gardens – so all is not lost!

As you may have seen, if you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook you will have spotted the video clip of me enjoying a barefoot Grounding session in the garden early on Good Friday morning.

I really needed that time of feeling grounded and less stressed, I am not really a stressy person but I think the news of the 3rd Lockdown and what it would mean for Treating my lovely clients just all got the better of me! SO outside in the sun, to feel the grass in between my toes and enjoy the feeling of stretching and moving around without shoes, socks and enjoying the cool grass as I hung yet more washing out….then I took the time to stretch my legs, feet and toes and play with the daisies!

I was probably only doing this for 15 minutes but to be honest, I came back indoors feeling energised and much more positive!

Nothing like wearing the jewels of Mother Nature!

Over the past 100 years we have lost our electrical connection to Earth, a vital aspect of our health and well-being. With the advent of rubber and plastic soles and insulated mattresses in isolated homes, we spend our days and nights disconnected from the Earth.

Yet we only need to walk barefoot on the grass or on the beach for a while to immediately feel the benefits of this direct connection. But, with our current lifestyles, it is not always possible, nor practical, to walk like this!

The reason we feel better when we walk barefoot on the Earth is very real and scientifically verifiable:
The Earth is a huge reservoir of free electrons. Without a connection to this reservoir, our body cells are unable to balance the charge of electron-poor free radicals. The effect of Earthing on clumped blood cells is well documented.

There are various things we can do to rebalance this electron deficiency, such as eating foods rich in antioxidants or drinking living spring water. But what has been largely ignored so far is that it is possible for us to receive these free electrons from Earth.

It is such a simple thing and yet the effects can be so profound. In our modern lives it is not always possible for us to be outside on Earth barefoot.

There is another effect of Earthing / Reconnection to Earth which is particularly important in our modern electric world. Our environment is filled with a wide range of electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones and pylons, radio and TV broadcasts, WiFi, bluetooth, power lines, household electrical installations and all other household appliances.

These electromagnetic radiations trigger electrical tensions in our bodies and disrupt the billions of subtle electrical communications that represent a vital function of the various systems of our body. By being anchored to the Earth, we considerably reduce the level of tensions produced.

The Body-Earth Connection

The body is composed primarily of water and minerals, making it a great conductor of electricity. When we come into direct contact with the earth—our soles pressed into the soil, bodies pressed against the grass, fingers weaving through particles of sand—the free electrons on the earth’s surface are absorbed into the body. This energy travels through your energy field and chakras, balancing the body.

The bottoms of the feet have long been considered maps of the rest of the body, so by grounding through the feet, we are simultaneously allowing currents of rejuvenating charges to power our vital organs and synchronize the systems of the body. Electrons are also likened to antioxidants in their ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate red blood cell circulation.

Your body produces and uses electrical energy all the time, but when it receives extra electrons from an outside source such as the earth, it is able to cleanse, repair, and return to its optimal state more efficiently.

The Bioelectrical Body

Humans are beings of energy. Electrical currents and their associated magnetic fields fill and surround the human organism.

These currents make up a web or system of interactive energy fields that govern the body’s functioning. In energy medicine, it’s called the human biofield.

This subtle energy is called prana in Ayurvedic medicine and qi in Chinese medicine. However, these ancient terms likely include other forms of energy beyond electromagnetic fields (for example, sound energy).

In these ancient Indian and Chinese traditions, the understanding is that a life force energy flows through the body (extending beyond it). Blockages and imbalances in the flow of this energy lead to illness.

Forms of energy therapies like Reiki operate on a similar principle.

Here are just a few benefits of connecting more directly to the earth:

More efficient cell repair and function

Detoxification of waste and toxins

Improved blood flow and tissue oxygenation

Boosted immunity

Restoration of the body’s natural state (Great for jet lag and anti-aging)

Balanced mind to calm anxiety and promote serenity and sense of security

Get Grounded

There are many ways to connect more deeply to the earth we live on. Start with something small and incorporate a practice or two, five to 20 minutes a day.

Mindful Walking

Simply walk and stay present with your environment.

Walking barefoot has the added benefit of massaging acupuncture points in your feet like in reflexology.

A point of particular interest is the Kidney-1 (K-1) point or “bubbling well” in the center of your foot. Walking barefoot helps stimulate this point. Be sure to use your whole foot when you walk: heel, ball, toes.

Grounding Yourself

Grounding techniques provide powerful methods for increasing your awareness of your body. This offers a diverse range of health benefits.

Earthing is a grounding exercise that reforges your connection to the Earth. Research shows that earthing reduces inflammation by scavenging free radicals.

For creative professionals, grounding techniques and earthing exercises are ways of:

Quieting and clearing your mind,

Recharging your energy, and Calming your emotions.

Therefore, grounding exercises will help increase your overall mental and physical performance. It’s a calming and joyful experience to walk barefoot on the Earth.

You can also still ground yourself in your home. When indoors, ceramic tile and concrete flooring can ground you if you walk barefoot.

Carpet, vinyl, and wood flooring will not. But the effects aren’t as powerful as direct contact with the Earth itself.

Grounding helps awaken your instincts and bring you closer to yourself. We are electric beings who live on an electric planet and our connection to it is vital to our health and well-being.

It came to me as I was writing this, most babies, toddlers and young children take their sock shoes off as soon as you put them on, you remember that fight before walking out the door – or picking up socks as you walk them in the prams, as they get to walking they normally prefer to run around barefoot and you can see them wiggling their toes as soon as the socks are off – maybe that instinct we have as children gets lost as we get older – so maybe, we just need to all kick off those shoes to feel good and focus on that!

I hope that this will encourage anyone that is feeling a little out of kilter – especially as we are now another week into our 3rd Lockdown here in France. I am not obviously saying that Grounding/Earthing will be a cure all but right now on the other hand it is doing something for you that will enable you to feel more relaxed and also grounded!

It is important to empty your mind of all things when you are Earthing or Grounding yourself – if you are in the garden listen to the birdsong and focus on their joyfulness! If you are inside put on some relaxing music and empty your mind.

Breathing in and out deeply, gradually letting it all go – put those pesky thoughts on a string of a balloon and let them go way up high! Annoying these random thoughts are – they are like the housework and just keep make you feel anything other than relaxed which is why I always tend to do a breathing and letting go relaxation exercise prior to Treatments…it just helps!

If I can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me and keep in touch!

As always my articles are sourced from reliable and knowledable links – the above is not intended to replace any kind of Medicine. I will always add my own experiences and words to articles and if it helps someone to do something for their wellbeing then all is good!

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