Indian women began offering head massages to their daughters more than 1,000 years ago. They combined them with oils, which included coconut, almond, olive and buttermilk, to keep their hair in good condition. Today many Indian babies still receive daily head massages to keep them in good health. From ages three to six they are massaged once or twice a week. After age six they are asked to share the massage technique with other members of their family.

It’s not only adults who need to relax and de-stress at times. Children very often feel the pressure, in school there are pressures daily work, of exams and revision and of course the many clubs for activities that they want to be part of – life can be pretty hectic & busy!

More and more youngsters have problems with anxiety and depression due to problems they feel they have to endure; some children cannot always cope but are unable to express their thoughts and words. This becomes part of their day to day life and without knowing how to release the tensions it becomes a problem to the child and parents, where ongoing situations are then problematic, it can be such a cycle of tension and unhappiness that it’s not always clear how to approach this situation.

Many children are willing to try alternative solutions to enable that feeling of restfulness and many Western countries are introducing Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage in certain areas where youngsters are affected by a life they feel trapped in, this sounds ideal for those that feel there is nothing “out there” for them, the results over the years have proved the youngsters (especially boys) have found themselves improving in mind, body and spirit by going to sessions regularly.

In fact Children embrace Complimentary Therapies as they have no mindset on them, they are willing to try something because it’s either new or maybe they have a parent who enjoys going so they also wish to try, and because Indian Head Massage and Reiki are so gentle and relaxing the child feels no fear or has worries, just as an adult feels when they are receiving the treatment. And just like an adult sometimes after a treatment is when the feelings and emotions can be released, it’s perfectly normal and natural.

For children who have disabilities or learning difficulties they can very often become anxious and stressed about the world around them. Tension and sleeplessness can cause increases in difficult and challenging behaviour. Massages could also aide concentration and self confidence.
​Indian Head Massage could also aide sleeplessness, low mood, aches and pains, calms and chance to refocus.

Babies also respond very well to an Indian Head Massage and Indian Mothers will massage their new born babies on a daily basis until the Fontanelle closes – they do this to help aide a restful sleep, encourage good eyesight and luscious locks!

It may take a few sessions before the child really starts to feel comfortable and relax but within a very short time most children are able to sit for a full massage lasting 20- 30 minutes depending on age.

Oils can be applied to enhance the Head Massage, calming Lavender Essential Oil blend works wonders! Gentle music is played and your child can learn how to relax and let go, starting with breathing exercises and ending with a final deep breathing exercise, Reiki and Chakra balancing.

I will be offering Children and Students (up to University age) a reduced price of 10€ a session or book four sessions for 30€ (paid in advance) these can be once a week, fortnightly or once a month but it is always best to try and have at least 3-4 consecutive treatments if possible, this will give the full benefits Indian Head Massage or Reiki.

This price includes a consultation beforehand and filling in consent forms etc. (with a parent if under 16) a 45 minute full IHM or Reiki session. After the session, I always offer the chance to have a chat; I find that feelings and emotions can actually come out after the session as the person is so relaxed. It’s all GOOD though – the releasing of stresses, tension and toxins and of course there is nothing wrong at all with letting out our emotions at any time!

Sometimes children just need time out and to relax!

Please read the following and the list of Contraindications.

Indian Head Massage is designed to promote stress reduction and relaxation. Avoid strenuous activities following your treatment.
Please attend your appointment with clean hair.

Children under the age of 16 should have consent from a parent or guardian prior to any appointment.

For the following conditions consult a doctor prior to receiving treatment.
Recent surgery


After an Indian Head Massage appointment it is advisable to go home and relax. This ensures maximum benefit from the treatment.
Drink plenty of water
Maintain a healthy diet
Following Indian Head Massage, it maybe that number of symptoms or side effects are experienced, these differ from child to child and are all positive signs of the body bringing itself back into balance.
These may include:
Needing to sleep or rest
Feeling emotional
Increased Urination
Temporary Flu-Like Symptoms

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