On my quest to find lovely Essential Oil blends for my Indian Head Massages, the blends are being used and enjoyed and so far have continued to be a hit, I always make sure that my clients have the blend of their choice at the time of the Indian Head Massage – I know there are some clients that favour a particular one, so I incorporate that Essential Oil to their blend for their regular IHM Treatment, I like to make sure that it is a personal choice and that the reason that particular blend has been chosen will then enhance and benefit the IHM to the clients enjoyment, relaxation and well being! We will always discuss the type of blend you may wish to use for your treatment and when contraindications show, we use an alternative that is still uplifting and aids the wellbeing, this is why it is essential we discuss any type of health issue/allergy.
*It is also recommended that the clients don’t go home and shower but try to leave the oils on their hair/body for as long as possible furthering the Essential Oils beneficial properties….

I have many people asking about oils that are good for pain relief, such as arthiritis, shoulder problems etc… there are many oils that can and do aid pain relief…..and I try to make blends that will suit “pain” which is a very broad spectrum but by having one or two blends that may help at hand it gives clients a chance to try and see if indeed they like the blend. As I have said previously if you let me know prior to your appointment I will make a blend especially for you. I blend Essential Oils that are beneficial to the balance of your wellbeing and some may not like the particular scent of a blend but remember, they have been blended to help ease ailments. Please also remember all the EO blends I make are applied topically and have a base oil, again it helps me to know if you have any allergies to plants/nuts prior to our appointment.

THe Essential Oil blends for my Indian Head Massages over the last couple of month’s Palmarosa and the “Summery blend” have continued to be a hit!

I am now running low on quite a few blends so whilst blending the “classics” I am going to add to the collection, so it seems to me to be the right time to let you know, I have introduced another blend…..

The new essential oil in the bottle is….


This month it’s all about subtlety offering distinctive soft, warm, smooth, creamy, and milky precious-wood scent. …..

I have had requests over the last few weeks for Sandalwood. Quite a few of my EO blends do have Sandalwood in them in a small ratio to the other EO’s in the blends but I thought, that this very beneficial oil needed a one to one, or maybe a two to one blend!

The documented use of sandalwood goes back 4000 years. Sandalwood has been used in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and India as a building material, however nowadays it is only used for oil production.There are thirty species of sandalwood.

They mainly grow throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific region. The main species used in aromatherapy has been Santalum album. However, due to over-extraction, other species are now being utilized for their oil, including Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum).

I am happy to say that the Sandalwood Amyris oil I use is from Haiti. {West Indian sandalwood grows mainly in a mountainous region of Haiti and the wood was traditionally used as torches by the local population as the high oil content of the wood allowed it to burn longer than other trees.}

Sandalwood essential oil is high in a compound known as Santalol, a Sesquiterpene that helps beautify the skin and gives sandalwood it’s calming and grounding effects.


Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, astringent, cicatrisant, carminative, diuretic, disinfectant, antiphlogistic, sedative, expectorant.

These are the properties of the Sandalwood oil that stand out and will be the most useful to you:

Skin Vitality and Clearness

This oil is a natural astringent that triggers the skin to repair itself from any minor contractions that are caused by shaving, acne scars or other skin irritations throughout the years.

No wonder Sandalwood oil is the first ingredient in many aftershave products as well as skin-cleaning toners.

It is known that the oil can repair even a mature skin that has been mistreated for years, bringing back its vitality and reversing the effects of poor treatment.

Sandalwood is useful in the treatment of acne, because it reduces inflammation and kills acne-causing bacteria. If you happen to pick at a pimple, sandalwood makes a great spot treatment for keeping the wound clean.

If you think one my new Sandalwood EO blends will help you at your next Indian Head Massage treatment, let me know at the start!

Sandalwood Emotional Effects
Essential oils don’t just benefit the skin, they also have an effect on our emotions. Sandalwood essential oil is deeply grounding, it is calming and instills a sense of inner peace.

Useful for stress, depression, or low self-esteem.
Helps you relax for sleep.
Can help you break away from feelings of isolation, aggression, grief, and irritation.
Enhances mood.
Useful for meditation. It is known to quiet and still the mind.

It’s no doubt, that sandalwood is one of the best essential oils for skin care due to it’s anti-aging and antiseptic effects.

I think we will surely benefit from this grounding and protective oil!

This beneficial Essential Oil clearly has a place on my shelf and I am creating two new blends right now, and my room smells wonderful! If you would like to try at your next IHM please ask!

* This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. Holistically Yours disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

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