Yes, yes I realise it’s Sunday morning 😁 but our latest Friday Fakeaway deserves a mention anyday of the week πŸ˜„ it all started with a veggie burger in a rather posh bun and oven chips around Christmas as an end if the week #fakeaway. But I was feeling a bit blugh afterwards sometimes so we stopped the oven chips and went back to our fave sweet potato instead. Then one week we had forgotten the buns 😱 s’ok we don’t have to have a bun really just made it feel more authentic, however in the fridge there were 2 Galette de Breton left, so I suggested using those instead! Which we did and omw delish! Lighter and just as filling…

This week I added cauliflower “wings” simple to make and really tasty..I kinda made it up as I went along!

So now we have another go to yummy meal πŸ˜„

Galette de Breton are made with Sarrasin (buckwheat) flour which is a pseudocereal, it is not a wheat and therefore is gluten free., also high in minerals and antioxidants. Also it has a low – medium score on the GI, contains fibre and resistance starch, small amount of protein and rich in amnio acids lysine and arginine and at least 5 minerals: maganese, copper, magnesium, Iron & phosphorus but low in most vitamins.

I love galettes and we have Buckwheat “groats” as an accompaniment instead of Quinoa or bulgur wheat…just makes a change and goes well with a curry etc.

Also becoming readily available in supermarkets are Sarassin breakfast cereals and flakes instead of oats, although I’ve only found the latter in the Bio shops..

It’s not great as the sole flour to make a cake but blended in with other flours does give a nutty taste! It’s probably best as a galette or biscuits!

My other way of enjoying a galette de Breton is with goats cheese, spinach and an be honest anything goes 😁

HY’s Cauliflower Wings

Chop the stalks off and split the heads to smaller bite sized pieces.

Blanche for 10 minutes until tender but not soft

Leave to drain and then add a little cream or an alternative such as soya or rice cooking cream stir in well until the heads are coated then add spices, chilli flakes, black pepper, turmeric, and Mexican mix. I also coated the pieces in Harissa and a spicy sauce.

Add a little flour, I used Millet and coat all the pieces well.

Pop in oven and bake. Enjoy with anything really πŸ’œ

Happy Sunday πŸ’œ

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