I spotted this recipe on one of my favourite pages I follow on my socials , I thought it looked nice and easy and sounded very tasty.
So yesterday I decided to make it and am I glad I did!

It took around 50 minutes to make (I am no fast chopper) and I spent longer looking for the coconut milk I KNEW we had in the cupboard, than I did making the meal! ok slight exaggeration but it did mean the onions scorched slightly however, I like to think it just added to the authentic flavour 😉

That said it was incredibly easy to make – everthing in one pan in stages and I did follow the recipe to the letter et voila a super, filling, warming (I went a bit mad on the chilli flakes) and very comforting meal. Leftovers – ok whatever – could be frozen or accompanied with any other dish during the week, I would have this with a meat, fish or add another homemade curry dish and have the dhaal as a side, another excellent side to have it with would be Cauliflower Flat Bread – instead of naans or rice….see button below.

By the time our Naans were warmed through our dinner was sitting in the dishes resting, it defintiely thickens through more so I would really recommend leaving it for a wee while.

I urge you to make this (if you like lentils of course!) I used the last of our red lentils up so I did adjust the rest of the recipe as I was about 80gms short but it worked perfectly….and of course another plus – it’s cooked in ONE pan so that also saves on washing up, win-win 😉

bon appétit

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