Here’s a little about my Holistic Journey, for those that don’t know the “whole” story!

As I write this, I can’t believe that 22 years ago I qualified as a Reiki 1 (Usui) practitioner with a lovely Reiki Master who lived in my home town in the UK.

I then, a year later also studied Indian Head Massage with her. Following the methods and teaching of Nerendra Mehta.

Also she taught me about Essential oils blended to use as a massage of the upper body to the head and face. The course I took with Lynn incorporated so much, so I had a great basis when I embarked on my other courses to further my knowledge. Reiki 2 was taken with a study of crystal healing alongside, that same year.

When we moved here, I wanted to start my Holistic Therapies here but years ago when we went to discuss how to work here in France as a Self Employed person, it was harder as AE now ME didn’t exist – but neither really did Complementary Therapies – there was it seemed no place for me at that time in the system, to say it was frustrating was an understatement.

Hence when I had the only chance of becoming an AE was with my other choice of Photography – there was a category for that and it was another love and passion of mine (thanks to my dad for encouraging that over the years) So after a few more years, working in the local Maternelle and looking after a young french lad, I went “solo” no mean feat! But I still kept up with my Reiki and my love of crystals – sharing with the girls, family and some of my friends.

Skip to early 2017 and I started Nutrition courses and an Indian Head Massage course – as in my book, never can you learn enough. And at this point I was focused on nutrition and Indian Head Massage, Reiki was still a part of my life so I really wanted to start sharing my love of these two wonderful holistic therapies.

That’s when I realised – I had lost my original certificates until a year or so later, lo and behold one day, there they were winking at me – in a folder that I have looked at so many times before but never “registered it” I was thrilled because basically all the certificates attained from Swim Teacher to Brownie Guider were all in that folder!

I have been lucky to continue the path that I intended to when we arrived here – it’s funny how life takes you off on a journey – without the photography I would have not had the chance to meet and make some wonderful people, great friendships have been forged and I have been lucky to have the chance to sell my Unique PhotoCards at markets and in shops over the years! And yes – I still sell them 😉

I am so thankful that I have the support of my husband, parents, in laws and all my friends that recommend or give me a shout out on social media, because honestly these days anyone sharing a business page can help so much!

This year, I have to really thank my Mum for starting the idea of the Bain de Pied & Bain de Main….without her sitting down and letting me put my idea into practice on her, there probably wouldn’t have been this lovely addition for the Feet & Hand TREATment!

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone that comes along or that has supported me in the last few years and to those that have moved away but still remind me, why I love what I do and I am lucky to do what I love every time someone books in to have their special “me time”

Over the 5 years, I have studied and enjoyed learning many new things.
With these studies, I have added to those first modalities, and having new massages to offer has meant that I have created my own unique style of intuitive massage.

The following are the 5 Most Common Massage Therapy Benefits:

  • Reduce Stress. Stress is a major cause of physical and mental health problems, and massage therapy can help to reduce stress levels
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Improve Sleep

You can look here for Modalities and Prices and if you wish, I have written about each massage for further information under Wellbeing Massages.

It’s been a “journey” for sure, with COVID locking us all down, even 3 years on it has taken a it’s toll getting back to how it was before, and then my own personal issues with health but you have all remained supportive, caring and understanding, it’s hard sometimes to “love what you do, and do what you love” so it’s with much gratitude and many thank yous I raise a big birthday cheer & here’s to another year!

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