Hello there, I hope that you have all had a good week….shame the sun has disappeared and left us with the grey and chilly damp weather but it’s a good excuse to do indoor jobs isn’t it?

CV19 protocols are as always being followed and any updates will be shared with you – as always masks and sanitser! However as we are now in Curfew, afternoon appointments will be at the slightly earlier time of 14h00 but I believe there will be a new form to fill in to say you are the way home from an appointment, I will also work out a form that proves you have been to me for a therapeutic massage, just in case, that tractor holds you up on the way home!

Please let me know if you would like to book in for a lovely IHM, let all the aches and pains, stresses and strains flow away…….

1 session = 25€00

Treatments can be weekly, fortnightly or one a month…it’s your time – you choose 🙂

*payable at time of session not in advance, due to the unsurety of COVID and any further possible changes to our restrictions, I am happy to take payment each visit.

Gift Vouchers also available so if you would like to treat a loved one then let me know – don’t forget St.Valentine’s day is looming the prices above are also for Gift Voucher purchases.

Seated Indian Head Massage with Essential Oils uses a combination of massage, pressure points and energy balancing to support circulation improving hair condition and skin tone.
Because we are all unique I like to make a blend especially to suit your needs and something that you enjoy the scent of. Also I take into account of allergies so please let me know beforehand if you have any allergies to nuts or any particular flowers – if you are allergic to something it generally follows through with Essential Oils also. Most of my general blends are made for wellbeing & balance, and will be made with a base oil – such as Grapeseed or Coconut oil with lavender and other essential oils. Please don’t hesitate to let me know of any problems with Essential Oils – I have alternative solutions.

This simple massage was traditionally used by Indian families to aid relaxation, promote hair growth and relief from everyday stress, & is truly relaxing. I finish the treatment with 10 minutes of Reiki for you to fully benefit from your time in my hands.

I am also still wanting to practise a couple more Holistic Therapeutic massages that I would like to qualify in this year – so if you think you would be a good case study please let me know, it is free – please feel free to share this post if you think anyone in your friends or family list would be interested as well! Of course you need to be localish to me here….and have a couple of hours a week/fortnightly to spare me.

I am just really happy to be back to Treating you in 2021, so for your hour of relaxation drop me a message and let’s get you booked in!

Have a lovely weekend from your Happy Therapist


January 15th 2021

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